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The register does not specify how you should format your profile or what it should contain, your entry is a free-form document, it is your presentation to potential boards, and how you approach the problem of preparing an attractive entry is up to you. We advise you to prepare an entry first in a word-processor, and when you are happy with it you can cut and paste it into the "Submit My Profile" form, and do any last minute revision there before saving it.

Publishing a profile means that people can learn about you as a candidate NED, and allows you to show that you have appropriate experience, so your profile should demonstrate your ability to deliver a duty of care and skill.  Should a Board contact you then they will perform, and be responsible for, their own due diligence.

For guidance we suggest you take into account the following considerations:

The register is essentially public - any registered user may view it, however registration is not difficult. The requirement for users to be registered discourages idle browsers and protects you from your profile being picked up by search engines. You should not publish any information that you are not happy to release into the public domain. We would stress, however, that unless you upload a profile, no one will know of your membership of NEDS IOM as members are not visible, only profiles.  If you do not upload a profile, no one will know to approach you!

The title should be your name - this is what people will see first in the register.

At the top of the "body" of your entry we recommend that you include a terse summary of your strengths / key qualities. This, or part of it, will then be displayed below your name in the register, followed by a "Read More" link which will enable the reader to display your whole profile.

You should include contact details - telephone, email address - however you prefer to be contacted. 

You should consider carefully what information you want your profile to contain, and you may want to break it down into appropriate headings. Some suggested optional headings are:

  • Summary / Profile
  • Specialities / Competencies
  • Experience / Career History / Achievements 
  • Qualifications / Professional Memberships 
  • Directorships / Public Duties / Honours

Some submissions to the register will read like CVs, others will be more like resumés or statements of why the individual is an attractive proposition, some may make just the briefest declaration of current activities in the knowledge that the registrant's reputation precedes them! So please enter that which you are comfortable with, but bear in mind:

  • It should demonstrate your credibility as a potential Non-Exec to aquaintances and strangers alike - the register will be as much used by people moving to or establishing new businesses on the Island as it will be by existing businesses who may already know of you.
  • It should contain the terminology / phrases that you want to be found by the search tool - if someone searches for "marketing" and your profile does not contain the word marketing it will not be included in the search results.

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