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Isle of Man:

Department of Trade & Industry

The Minister for Trade and Industry Hon David Cretney MHK stated in April 2009:

“This is a very positive initiative.  The Isle of Man is a highly diverse international business centre with many companies requiring experienced, qualified directors to lead them in their growth plans in markets around the world.  My Department supports this, providing financial assistance to aid typically 15 individuals each year to secure the Institute of Directors’ qualifications.  This register will further aid companies seeking suitable individuals and also aid individuals seeking suitable non executive director positions.  I hope companies and individuals from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds make use of this register, for the good of the Island’s economy.”


Department of the Treasury

The Treasury Minister Hon Allan Bell MHK stated in the July 2009 IOM Finance Newsletter:

‘NEDs Online’ Launched 

A new website devoted to the recruitment of non-executive directors is now up and running. The site has been designed to provide an accessible and reliable database for the appointment of local company directors. The service includes an advisory board providing both 'rigour and accountability to ensure a strong field of expertise.' Membership can be obtained by following the online guide to registration, and members can create their individual information profiles. Essentially the website creates a new meeting point for both directors and company organisations.


Treasury Minister Allan Bell said, "The Treasury welcomes any initiative which enhances and develops the professional expertise and reputation of the Isle of Man. In today's business world, where corporate governance carries great responsibility, it is important that all stakeholders enjoy the benefit that excellent quality Non Executive Directors can provide. We believe that through sound fiscal policies, strong corporate governance and the support of a receptive 

Government, businesses on the Isle of Man have the Freedom to Flourish. Through ‘’ we see that the desire to enhance the skills available on the Island is strong and we support their endeavours."


United Kingdom:

Institute of Directors:

Director General Miles Templeman issued the following comments concerning NEDS IOM in August 2009:

“The IoD is pleased by any initiative which encourages both Executive and Non-Executive Directors on the Isle of Man who meet the necessary eligibility criteria to apply and seek qualification for the unique and very highly regarded status of Chartered Director.  We recognise that a number of individuals from the island have already done so and that this continues to receive most welcome support from the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Treasury, through emphasis on the importance of integrity, honesty and professionalism at a time when evidence and reinforcement of these qualities is so clearly needed.”

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